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Mestské kutúrne stredisko Spišské Podhradie
Mestské kultúrne strediskoSpišské Podhradie
Mestské kultúrne strediskoSpišské Podhradie


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Cultural monuments

Evangelical church

Evangelical church of Augsburg religion was built in 1799 – 1808 as a classicistic building. The tower was constructed in 1829 – 1832. In 1856 the church was a victim of a fire. It had to be repaired and the church tower was rebuilt. The interior of the church was repainted and refurbished in 1889. The drawing of Christ at the Mount of Olives painted by the famous artist Jozef Czauczik from Levoca is in the centre of an altar. The pulpit from the 19th century is classicistic. The baptismal font from the 19th century is pseudo gothic and it replaced the original classicistic one. Nowadays, it is situated in a sacristy. The origin of the organ dates back to the 19th century. It is possible to enter the building with the TIC employee.


Jewish synagogue

It was built in 1875 in late gothic style with the elements inspired by the oriental architecture. Because of fire, it was repaired in 1905-1906. The synagogue is a simple building with Moorish elements. It served to a small group of orthodox believers, it represents a typical example of the 19th century provincial synagogical architecture. Women´s gallery standing on six cast-iron columns, sanctuary (aron hakodesh) and an original rich Moorish ceiling painting are still well-preserved in the interior. The synagogue has been reconstructed for several years but it is continuously used for various cultural events. After the reconstruction it is aimed to make it a permanent exhibition of masterpieces from the Museum of Jewish Culture in Bratislava in women´s gallery. It is possible to enter the building with the TIC employee.


The Cloister of the Merciful Brothers

The town had a hospital since 1327. It was a charitable facility providing accommodation and the employees took care of old, disabled, homeless and sick people. There was a church near the hospital. Since 1399 it was administered by the Augustinians who established the cloister. In the 17th century it was administered by merciful brothers’ fraternity. Establishing the hospital, they barocized the church and the cloister. On the frontage of the church in a pargeted framing is a baroque painting of St. John of Nepomuk and St. Nicolas. There is a Latin inscription on a painted table with a chronosticon stating that the hospital is consecrated to St. John of God. Capital letters of the chronosticon stand for Latin digits and show year 1736. The interior of the church dates back to the 18th and 19th century. The main altar was made in 1737, in the centre of the altar there is a painting called Celebration of St. John of God painted by Martin Speer. It is possible to enter the building with the TIC employee.


The Csaky Mansion in the village of Bijacovce

This late-Baroque mansion with a park and original agricultural buildings was built in 1780 – 1785. It is a two-floored building with a garret and gable roof and horizontal facade. The park around the mansion was declared as a sheltered area. Nowadays the mansion serves as a secondary vocational school of forestry.


The Csaky Mansion in the village of Hodkovce

It was built by the founder of the Csaky dynasty in Spis – Stefan Csaky (1603 - 1662). Established a new farmstead here, he named this complex “Castellum subarcense” – the mansion under the castle. In 1780 his offspring Emanuel Csaky finished the building to create luxurious manor inspired by the French style. The mansion is built in classicistic style with late-gothic elements. The surrounding of the mansion includes a big park with the features of English and French gardens, birds´ gallery, fountain, petanque playground, cemetery and other places of interest. Nowadays it serves as a Home of Social Services for mentally retarded people. The credit for making the mansion accessible deserves clients (it is a part of their therapy) and to the employees.


The Marian Column

It was built in Baroque style in 1726, renovated in 1861 and in 2009. The stone sculpture of Immaculata is situated on the column with a triangular pedestal and corner volutes and plant reliefs.


The Roman-Catholic church consecrated to the Birth of Virgin Mary

Originally gothic church that dates back to the 13th century went through many reconstructions that gave him contemporary classicistic appearance. The tower and the entrance portal are the only things that are left from the original building. The tower was not connected to the church and it belonged to the town not to the vicarage. In 1794 the church burnt down. The tower was reconstructed but the original single-aisle church was destroyed in 1824. In 1825 – 1829 a provisional measure was built in the place of the church but this provisional measure remains till now. The contemporary church is one third smaller than the original medieval building. The whole church is situated in a fenced area with an entrance gate.


The St. Martin´s Cathedral

The centre of the Spis Chapter House is the cathedral consecrated to the bishop St. Martin. The Romanesque building was built in the 13th century as a result of an important building activity in this area. From the Romanesque part of the cathedral only the three-aisle part remained, originally with the middle part twice as high, with the adjacent empora with two towers arising. This is how the characteristic west double-tower facade with richly profiled portal emerged. Extension of Zapolsky´s chapel in 1488-1493 to the south aisle and extension of two sacristies were important building adjustments. Purist re-gothisation affected the decoration of the interior in the 19th century. The cathedral and its interior are architectural masterpieces.


The Town Hall

The Renaissance two-floored object was built in 1546, renovated in 1785 – 1786, and the facade was restored and renewed in the beginning of the 20th century. The Renaissance portal in a supraport with the coat of arms is well-preserved on facade. The interior is modernized.




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