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Mestské kutúrne stredisko Spišské Podhradie
Mestské kultúrne strediskoSpišské Podhradie
Mestské kultúrne strediskoSpišské Podhradie


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Music groups

Children folk group KORCASEK

Children singing folk group Korčašek operates at a primary school with kindergarten in Jablonove. Was established in 2011 to preserve and interpret folk songs from the area of Eastern Slovakia, mainly from the file. At the moment, trying to keep the treasure of folk songs in singing, but gradually wants to expand their repertoire and the children's games and dances that are trying to gather in their village of grandparents. Small singers are accompanied by the accordion Vladko splendor.


Children folklore Drevenik

Children folklore Dreveník was established in 1991 under the guidance of teacher PaedDr. Bozena Švábova. Since its inception, he worked at the Town Hall in Spišské Podhradie. Today, for the second year team it operates at music school Spišské Podhradie and has 18 members of the new young generation. The repertoire of the ensemble are collected and processed Zvykoslovné gems village people living below the Spiš Castle. The dramatic bands (Harenčár, Harenčár, early days, in the Podradzu Mosca haunted every man his bread glory Kulu Kulu up the Chapter; How we tortured butter), the children's speech were shown different activities or properties of the lifestyle of the people in the past. DFS Dreveník is primarily involved in the various cultural and social events within their region. Spišských annually performs at folk festivals on Spišskom sheepfold.


Female singing group JABLONECKA

Girls and women from Jablonov the longer time toyed with the idea of creating a community in addition to men's and children's folklore group and a female component. Finally, in September 2013 established women's singing group Jablonecká, which aims to preserve, develop and present traditions not only of the village Jablonov itself, but also of Spis and Saris. Currently, a group of work in progress and is formed as a number, and the repertoire. JABLONECKÁ currently has five female singers, is a leading Kožušková Lucia and the accordion accompanied by Mr Thomas Vojtánek. Their action is short, it can not therefore speak of success, even if they consider themselves a success the very existence of the group. Performance that attended were still only at home - municipal land, which have been presented to Katarinská afternoon and Carnival butcher block songs from Saris - "Pijacke" and "love affairs".


Folk music BRANISKO

The impetus for the development of folk music Branisko became the idea of young teachers in art school Spišské Podhradie, encourage in children a positive attitude to folklore. The main initiator and founder was and still is Nicholas Demočko which already throughout childhood participated in various folklore ensembles. ĽH Branisko officially came into existence since September 2005, when the celebrations of St. Hubert in Bijacovce made her baptism. Godfather was then mayor Spišské Podhradie Ing. Francis Slebodník posthumously. The first tool grouping consisted of the first violin - Janečková R., R. Iľaš, 2.violin - Šulíková K., A. Lower, accordion - M. Demočko, bass - s. Genčúr and lead vocals - M. Sakmár.


Folklore music BIJACOVCANKA

Bijacovčanka brass band was formed as an offshoot of the area long known and popular brass band from neighboring Ordzoviany. Gradually, they began to play in Ordzovianke and musicians from Bijacoviec who in 1981 founded his own brass music called Bijacovčanka. Further participants were assigned musical instruments, started with regular drills and were also the first performance. During the years 1981-1983 were added to DH singer. Both brass band, Ordzovianka Bijacovčanka and still they performed together for more demanding music events under the patronage of former agricultural cooperative new file in Studenci.


Folklore music ORDZOVIANKA

The picturesque village Ordzovany flying under Spiš Castle was founded in 1929 by brass band "Ordzovenská bunch," as it was called at that time, local women, as well as other inhabitants of the village and its surroundings. Performing DH was aimed at religious events, forgive Kermes, Primic and various public appearances. After 1961 he came under the patronage of the local agricultural cooperative Single Studenec, which has seen the biggest boom and popularity. Was purchased new musical instruments, costumes, uniforms and sheet music. In that period, which lasted until 1992, it was a regular performers Ordzovianka body at agricultural fairs Agrokomplex Nitra. He did not lack for any public celebrations, cultural events, meetings, balls, rag.


The male singing group GUBOV

Male singing group from Dubrava formed a team of passionate guys for whom folk music and singing their favorite hobby. Their voices to conquer and captivate the audience at various events in the Spis region and the surrounding area since 2006. Typical Gubov polyphonic songs are songs from Dubrava and the surrounding area but also from other parts of Slovakia. Seek and maintain mostly older and now little-known folk songs of our grandfathers and fathers.


The male singing group KORČAŠKARE

Korčaškare incurred by 28 December 2006 as a priority, male singing group Accordion accompaniment. The village Jablonov until then had historically preserved folk traditions, and thus act to establish a folklore group was an important milestone in the modern history of the village folklore and culture in general. The current number of active members is 11 singers and 2 accordionist. The basic repertoire of songs based on which they prespievali older inhabitants of the village. Another source are witnesses of forgotten songs from nearby Spiš region. Repertoire for several years of the group gradually expanded. Singers were improved and Korčaškare currently have a wide range of songs with themes describing the different situations of life of our ancestors (wedding, humor, military, and of course about women). Group name has historical roots since time immemorial inhabitants of Jablonova called "korčaškare" (korčašek - thus opening a small pocket knife).




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